Our Restaurant

At Asiapalast, we would like to invite you on a culinary journey through Asia. We have combined the best dishes of Asian cuisine into one delicious taste experience for you to enjoy in a typical Chinese ambience. Our restaurant stands for varied, healthy and authentic Asian cuisine both at the buffet and à la carte.

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Luise-Kiesselbach-Straße 4, 63452 Hanau
Telefon: 06181 1891008


Christian-Pleß-Straße 18-20, 63069 Offenbach am Main
Telefon: 069 84843811


Ampèrestraße 17, 63225 Langen
Telefon: 06103 8078008

Chinese, Mongolian, Japanese and Thai.

Chinese, Mongolian, Japanese and Thai.

Asian cuisine is a form of expression of culture

According to the Asian cooking philosophy, a pleasant atmosphere when eating is particularly important. In order to offer you this relaxed atmosphere, the Asiapalast Hanau was designed harmoniously in terms of both the color scheme and the choice of Far Eastern stylistic devices.

Food is food for body and soul and should be a pleasant experience.

Asian recipes are based on the awareness of healthy eating with fresh, delicately cooked ingredients. This type of preparation with first-class products, flavors and spices gives the guest an incomparable pleasure.

Our Restaurant

The team at the Asiapalast Hanau is fully committed to ensuring that you feel completely comfortable and can enjoy healthy and delicious dishes prepared in a typically Asian way.

We are looking forward to your visit!

The Asiapalast team Hanau

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